What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Online marketing that conducted through various digital platforms such as Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, etc. is known as Pay Per Click marketing. When a visitor clicks on the ads to reach the landing page of your website, you will only pay for that clicks. This is a method to buy traffic on your website as compared to the earning of organic traffic through SEO services.

SEO Daddy is famous for creating Google ads, Bing ads, and social media platforms.Search engine optimization is effective when you are focusing on long-term growth, but PPC marketing helps you to get an immediate boost on your website. SEO Daddy ensures that the money you spend on PPC will provide you desired results.


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We provide the following PPC marketing services to our customers:

Strong Link Building and Better Search Ranking.

Inclusive Keyword Research: With the help of in-depth keyword research, we assist you in achieving an optimized place in the digital world throughout your online journey.

Creative and Effective: We provide you the most effective and creative ads to promote your business that eventually converts into sales.

Landing Page Optimization: We create pages that are specifically designed to serve multiple purposes of the company. We are known for designing landing pages to enhance their optimization.

Ad comparison: We check the effectiveness of several ads by conducting ad comparisons. This also helps us to improve our presentation and content.

PPC Mini-Campaigns: PPC mini-campaigns are also known as local PPC, in which we target the customers in your state, city, or locality. Special ads are created to focus on specific products or services.

Detail Reporting: Some of the data tracking tools built-in Google ads, and other PPC services, help us to generate reports on Return on Investments and other important information.

Things to consider while selecting PPC services.

It is very essential to know about certain aspects of PPC before signing a contract with a particular company. PPC services can be the extension of your marketing team and you can work with the team to enhance your performance through campaigns. Some of the things you should consider while hiring PPC service provider:

  • Transparency
  • Strategy
  • Goals and Expectations
  • Experience
  • Contribution of Agency Vs Client
  • Reporting
  • Pricing Structure

Which one is best PPC or SEO:

Even though if you have knowledge about both these services, it is a tricky question that which one is the best. We are providing you some of the aspects that help you to decide which one is best for your company.

Step 1: Recognize your core promotion goal.

  • We want you to invest some time in this simple yet very essential goal of your company. It will be better for you if you are more focused. The following steps can help you to set your goals.
  • What do you want from digital ads and campaigns? Make a list of your requirements.
  • Narrow down your requirements and give priority to the important ones.
  • You can categories these items according to the similarities between them to create brand awareness, generate more leads and sales.
  • Select one or two core goals to focus on.
  • Add numbers such as an increase by percentage. You can have a set number of goals scheduled per month.

Step 2: Discover your time frame.

Decide your time frame according to your campaign goals. This includes whether you want to set a quarterly or yearly goal or want instant results. Be specific about your time frame.

Step 3: Compare the advantages of SEO and PPC.

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